Our company, Millenium Sports Universal has pioneered in the industry’s distribution, supply and installation of state of the art sports and recreational equipment from the United States as well as from The Netherlands. We make sure top quality materials and excellent service.

Our Suppliers:

  • Robbins – Since 1894, Robbins has been building floors for both the residential and recreation markets. With over 25 Patents and 250,000,000 installed square feet, Robbins knows what it takes to make a quality floor that not only looks great, but lasts our customers for years to come.
  • Hussey – Hussey offers the industry’s premier selection of seating options since 1835. Seats designed for style and comfort. Seats engineered for safety and performance.
  • Herculan – Over 25 years, Herculan has been developing, producing and installing high-end, epoxy and polyurethane based, synthetic floor finishes. Herculan has the right floor for every purpose.
  • Hatko – Hatko always launched innovative, high-performance and unique systems, completely different than those of the other, in order to offer playing comfort and longer playing hours with low maintenance cost, in all climatic regions, whether South or North.
  • Spalding – Spalding® is the world’s largest basketball equipment supplier. Spalding® is the official backboard of the NBA® and the NCAA®, including the NCAA® Final Four™. AAI® is the world’s leading manufacturer of gymnastics apparatus in all categories. AAI® is the official equipment supplier to USA Gymnastics® and the NCAA®.
  • Fair-Play – Over 100,000 gyms, playing fields and stadiums later, Fair-Play is your single source for sports timekeeping equipment. From electronic scoreboards and message centers to marquees and accessories, Fair-Play stays ahead of the game by designing and building everything you need to track time and keep score.